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How to determine the correct BTU size for your hotel room?

Choosing the right size PTAC, Through-the-Wall (TTW), or VTAC air conditioner for your rooms is critical for guest satisfaction. Before you start looking, it is helpful to know the square footage of the rooms, the voltage and amperage needed, and the dimensions of the unit(s) needed. The majority of all PTACS are 42 X 16, and TTW usually is 26 X 15 5/8.

PTACs and TTWs come in several BTU sizes – from 7,000 to 15,000. Most hotel rooms run from 150 square feet to 600 square feet and require a unit within the 7,000 to 12,000 range. If a unit is underpowered, it will not efficiently cool or heat the room and may cause the air conditioner to overheat. If the model selected is too large for the space, it will not remove enough moisture making the room feel clammy, dewy, and uncomfortable. 

Use the handy guide to help you with your initial research. Consult with your Allied Appliance Sales Representative, who will walk you through the rest of the questions and make sure you get the unit that has the proper BTU, amperage, and voltage for your space. They can also help you determine whether it would be best to get a Heat/Cool unit with a heat strip or heat pump or go with a Cool Only model. Your rep will make sure that you have the best advice you can get before making your purchase. 

GE PTAC in the wall of a living space
Area (Sq. Foot) Capacity (BTU)
100 up to 150 5,000
150 up to 250 6,000
250 up to 300 7,000
300 up to 350 8,000
350 up to 400 9,000
400 up to 450 10,000
450 up to 550 12,000
550 up to 700 14,000
700 up to 1,000 18,000

Keep Your PTAC Running At Peak Efficiency By Following These Monthly and Seasonal Maintenance Tips

If you want to keep your PTACs performing their best and extend the life of the units, put together a monthly and seasonal plan for PTAC maintenance. Allied Appliance has put together a list of items that you should routinely checked on a monthly basis as well as a list of items that require a once a year approach. To learn more about how to keep your PTACs in great condition, please click here. 

Heat Pump? Heat Strip? Does It Really Make A Difference? Yes It Does!

Heat pump from a PTAC unit

Knowing the difference – and the benefits – of heat pump versus heat strip can save you a lot of money over the life of your PTAC. To learn more about it click here, or call your Allied Appliance Sales Rep and they can explain the differences. Knowledge is power. 

What Type of Air Conditioner Do You Need?

Looking To Save Money Operating Your PTAC?

One of the most efficient ways to accomplish cost reductions is with a wireless energy management system. A leader in the market is Amana’s Eden System featuring a DigiLink controller. It combines the benefits of reduced energy consumption with improved unit maintenance and allows for an easy installation. The Eden System assists hotels, nursing homes, schools, or any building using a PTAC to manage their in-room use. Click here to learn more.

For more information on the different PTAC Models, please click on the brand name.

Amana PTAC                                 Frigidaire PTAC

GE PTAC                                          Gree PTAC 

For more information on the different Through-The-Wall Models, please click on the brand name.

Amana TTW                                   Frigidaire TTW

GE TTW                                           Gree TTW

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