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Gree PTACs deliver on the promise of a quiet performance thanks to an advanced fan technology. Combine this with excellent efficiency you’re sure to save money on utilities. Whether you use this unit in a hotel/motel room, multi-family housing, assisted living or student housing, Gree delivers a great product for an exceptional value.

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  • Temperature Display and Touch Pad on unit is precise and easy-to-use
  • Continuous Temperature Sensing provides for
    an Ideal comfort for your guests
  • Cooling, Heating and Fan Modes provides one unit for all seasons
  • Electronic Temperature Limiting reduces operating costs
  • Three-Speed Indoor Fan for more comfort options for guests to choose from
  • Dual Motor Technology allows for separate indoor and outdoor motors for one of the quietest and most efficient units in the industry
  • AeroQuiet Indoor Blower Wheel provides quiet and consistent airflow for maximum guest comfort
ETAC2-07HC230VA-CP 208/230 7,000 15 and 20 Heat/Cool
ETAC2-09HC230VA-CP 208/230 9,000 15 and 20 Heat/Cool
ETAC2-12HC230VA-CP 208/230 12,000 15/20/30 Heat/Cool
ETAC2-15HC230VA-CP 208/230 15,000 15/20/30 Heat/Cool
ETAC2-07HC265VA-CP 265 7,000 15 and 20 Heat/Cool
ETAC2-09HC265VA-CP 265 9,000 15 and 20 Heat/Cool
ETAC2-12HC265VA-CP 265 12,000 15/20/30 Heat/Cool
ETAC2-15HC265VA-CP 265 15,000 15/20/30 Heat/Cool
ETAC2-07HP230VA-CP 208/230 7,000 15 and 20 Heat Pump
ETAC2-09HP230VA-CP 208/230 9,000 15 and 20 Heat Pump
ETAC2-12HP230VA-CP 208/230 12,000 15/20/30 Heat Pump
ETAC2-15HP230VA-CP 208/230 15,000 15/20/30 Heat Pump
ETAC2-07HP265VA-CP 265 7,000 15 and 20 Heat Pump
ETAC2-09HP265VA-CP 265 9,000 15 and 20 Heat Pump
ETAC2-12HP265VA-CP 265 12,000 15/20/30 Heat Pump
ETAC2-15HP265VA-CP 265 15,000 15/20/30 Heat Pump

For more information on the Gree ETAC model line, please click here.

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