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Gree Through-The-Wall Built-In

Comfort is a top priority for Gree 26″ Through-The-Wall. When you choose the GREE T2600 air conditioner, you receive a reliable product at a price that makes sense. In addition, the Gree models offer maximum efficiency that will help you reduce your electric bills. Gree Through-The-Walls are always a great fit no matter your business.

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Gree Through-The-Wall Documentation: Energy Guide  |  Owner’s Manual  |  Installation  |  Wall Sleeve Assembly

  • Electronic setpoints enables you to set room temperature limits to prevent over heating or cooling
  • Power Failure Recovery remembers and restarts the unit to the setting prior to loss of power
  • Adjustable 3-speed fan for more comfort
  • Aero-Quiet Indoor Blower Wheel provides quiet and consistent airflow
  • Sleek design with clean, modern lines to blend with the room decor
  • Designed to be easily installed in most standard wall sleeves
26TTW09AC115V1A-T 115 9300 Cool Only 15
26TTW12AC115V1A-T 115 11,800 Cool Only 15
26TTW09AC230V1A-T 230/208 9,300/9,100 Cool Only 15
26TTW12AC230V1A-T 230/208 1,220/1,200 Cool Only 15
26TTW09HC230V1A-T 230/208 9,300/9,100 (Cool) 11,000/9,000 (Heat) Cool with Electric Heat 20
26TTW12HC230V1A-T 230/208 12,000/11,800 (Cool) 10,600/8,600 (Heat) Cool with Electric Heat 20
26TTW09HP115V1A-T 115 9,000 (Cool) 8,500 (Heat) Heat Pump 15
26TTW09HP230V1A-T 230/208 9,300/9,100 (Cool) 8,800/8,600 (Heat) Heat Pump 20
26TTW12HP230V1A-T 230/208 11,700/11,500 (Cool) 11,400/11,200 (Heat) Heat Pump 20
26TTW07HP230V1A-T 230/208 7,400/7,200 (Cool) 6,800/6,600 (Heat) Heat Pump 20


The Frigidaire Through-The-Wall unit features Ready-Select Controls with the touch of a button, a Clean Filter Alert that notifies you when your filter needs cleaning, Effortless Restart that automatically resumes power when it is restored, an antibacterial Effortless Clean Filter, and Sleep Mode that gradually lowers the temperature during the evening hours.


The Amana line features high energy efficiency models up to 10.4 EER saving you money compared to lower EER models. When it comes time to clean the unit, it provides an easily removable condenser top that allows for quick and complete cleaning of outdoor coils. This access for cleaning the outdoor coil enables easy removal of dirt and debris to help lengthen the life of the compressor and other system sealed components.

The GE TTW line offers up-to-date technology and exceptional quality. GE models come with 2-fan speeds, variable position thermostat to maintain desired temps, and a 4-way air director that spreads the cool or warm air evenly throughout the room.

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