Doing Our Part to Protect the Environment


Waste Reduction:

We try to eliminate waste at the source and some of the ways we are doing this are:

  • The use of electronic communications - with our customers’ approval, we send all our quotes, invoices and other communications via email. Any documents that must be faxed are done so electronically, eliminating the need to print a copy before faxing. Also, all internal memos are sent electronically. This saves wasted paper, fuel and greenhouse gas emissions for postal delivery
  • It is company policy that any document that does need to be printed is done, where possible, in draft format to use the as little waste ink as possible
  • Allied provides links to all our manufacturers’ products at our web site: We also have all specifications available in electronic format available for e-mail or fax. This also saves on paper, fuel and greenhouse gas emissions

Shipping and Deliveries:

  • Where possible, we arrange for all products to be drop-shipped directly from the manufacturer. This eliminates double shipment from vendor to Allied then from Allied to you
  • With all our local deliveries, we plan our routes carefully to reduce our mileage, and subsequently our fuel and greenhouse gas emissions 

How YOU Can Help:

We do need your help. By allowing us to send your account statements, invoices and order acknowledgements to you electronically, you are reducing your environmental impact.  In order to make sure you receive your paperwork, please click the "Allied Staff" link and contact us with your current e-mail address, account # (‘s) and contact information.

If you do not have an e-mail address, please contact us with your FAX # and we will fax your documents.

We appreciate your efforts. Not only are you helping protect the environment, but you will now have faster delivery of your documents and easy access to all your original paperwork.

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